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Great replacement.

Milex 22L Electronic AirFryer Oven
22l airfrier interior

I love my airflier, however, the interior is difficult to clean. The whole of the interior is now a mess and I cannot get it clean. any advice? also, the bottom tray is rusting. can you help please

Milex Arctic UV Air Cooler & Purifier
Rehana Mahomed (Johannesburg, ZA)
milex Arctic UV Air Cooler & Purifier?

It is only good for desk use

Milex 22L Electronic AirFryer Oven
Emmac (Cape Town, ZA)

has anyone run this off a Portable Power Station UPS for eg. Anker 757 Portable Power Station UPS

Milex Power Air Fryer Skewer and stacking rack
Josie Jakeman (Plettenberg Bay, ZA)
Sturdy and useful

Well made, sturdy, and easy to clean. It was a bit smaller than I anticipated, and its design could be improved by making the skewers able to be turned and stay turned.

Milex 6L Premium Airfryer
Charles Peter Dryden-Schofield (Cape Town, ZA)
Milex!loving it

I have made a few dishes in my new Airfryer,easy to use,easy to clean,food is very tasty-loving it!

Great service

Good communication, fast delivery.

Milex Air Cooler 7L
Bobby Boshoff (Uitenhage, ZA)
Pure Bliss

My office at home gets full afternoon sun on 2 of the walls, which results thast my tempreture in my office is normally 1.5 to 3 degrees higher than the outside tempreture. After running the unit on full for 35 minutes the temreture in my office was 0.5 degrees below outside tempreture and after an hour at 15H30 (when sun hits walls full blast I am 4.6 below outside temp (outside 31.6/ inside 27 and it went down to 25 before 16H30. I truly recommend this unit to all..

Milex Bread Master
Andrè van Dyk (Pretoria, ZA)
Bread Master Usage

Easy to understand, quick steps per user manual. Have not attempted, bread making but jams super easy with machine.

Milex 11 Litre Hurricane Air Fryer
Trudie (East London, ZA)
Milex Hurricane Airfryer

Amazing product. Value for money. Barely uses my oven since I purchased my Milex Hurricane Airfryer. Two ticks and my dishes are ready. Also saves on my electrical bill and time I spend in kitchen preparing meals.

Milex 11 Litre Hurricane Air Fryer
Gerty Van Den Berg (Ladysmith, ZA)
Milex 11 Litre Hurricane Air Fryer?

Excellent product. Able to make many delicious dishes
Highly recommended
Excellent quality and price

Milex Wet & Dry Vacuum
Pauline (Newcastle, ZA)

The machine works well overall but does not warrant the WET part of the description as it can only take 10ml (2 teaspoons of liquid) which can easily be wiped with kitchen paper towel. Very misleading.

Milex 11 Litre Hurricane Air Fryer
Annie Somwe (Johannesburg, ZA)
A must have

A must have

Milex Gas Pizza Oven
RH (Port Elizabeth, ZA)
Great, but could be greater

Overall the oven performs admirably but with the addition of a few small things it would be even better.

Small things like a thermostat, “stops” on the valve to indicate low, medium, and high, and even a door so it preheats faster.

Milex 7L Steam Air Fryer
Mbali Mbonane (Pretoria, ZA)
Milex 7L steam arifryer

Best investment ever. Easy to clean, convenient and value for money. I have absolutely no regrets.

Milex basket

Excellent service, very happy, I will use the online platform to order parts again.

Milex Power Juicer + 7 Day Detox Plan
Melissa Erasmus (Cape Town, ZA)
Milex Power Juicer

This is my first juicer and I must admit I was disappointed with the self-cleaning mechanism. The machine is a menace to clean. I've only used it once and ready to return it.

Milex 22L Electronic AirFryer Oven
Jens Kroh (East London, ZA)

Milex 22L Electronic AirFryer Oven

Milex™ Hurricane Airfryer Heating Element
Lennie Subbiah (Pretoria, ZA)

Milex™ Hurricane Airfryer Heating Element

Milex 22L Electronic AirFryer Oven
Antonie Auret (Johannesburg, ZA)

Excellent product, versatile 10/10

Milex 11 Litre Hurricane Air Fryer
RM Gilfillan (Pretoria, ZA)

Milex 11 Litre Hurricane Air Fryer

Milex™ AirGrill AirFryer
Herman Havenga (Boksburg, ZA)
Air Grill AirFryer

Love it. It is very versatile. It has a lot more functions than a normal airfryer. Very easy to clean. Easy to operate.

Milex 22L Electronic AirFryer Oven
Jen Douglas (Cape Town, ZA)

Still getting used to working out. Hurricane is simply the best but timer on and off switch gave in on every one of them. Pe4haps you need to check it out.l

Black Retro-Style Breakfast Combo

Just love this set!

Non-stick Bascket

The basket non-stick works well, but after time it starts to loose its effectiveness and oils start to collect resulting in the non-stick to peal.
Hot water and soap directly after use was used to wash the basket with a non-abrasive sponge.

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