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Milex Wet & Dry Vacuum

For the times when you need to quickly clean up a spill or get rid of a dust bunny, a handheld vacuum is quite, well, handy. Instead of lugging your full-size vacuum out of the closet, a hand vac is...

Regular price R 799.95

Milex Carbon Fibre Infrared Instant Heater 2000W

The Milex Carbon Fibre Infrared Instant Heater is truly impressive, with its ability to heat up cold places in an instant. The Instant Heater boasts the latest in carbon technology, which makes it far more desirable than a normal ceramic heater. This...

Regular price R 3,499.95

Milex Infrared Heater - 2000W

Make any space warm, comfortable and inviting as you place the heater on its tripod stand or even wall-mount it. The Milex Infrared Heater is perfect for making indoor and outdoor spaces toasty warm. Infrared heating of outdoor electric heater...

Regular price R 2,299.95

Milex - 1200W Steam Blaster

The Steam Blaster from Milex is a 1200-watt pressurised handheld steam cleaner that makes residential cleaning chores quick and easy. Steam clean all types of surfaces without the use of harmful chemicals. Ordinary tap water is all you need. With...

Regular price R 899.95

Milex 700W Steamor Pro Garment Steamer

The Milex Steamor is a compact 700-watt handheld garment steamer. With this steamer, you are able to remove creases effortlessly from fabrics without having to use an iron. It heats up in seconds and gets the job done five times quicker than conventional ironing. No...

Regular price R 479.95

Milex Online Gift Card

Spoil your loved ones with the gift of choice. Don't know what to get your friends and family or can't find the perfect gift? Get them Milex gift cards. Gift Cards are redeemable online only. How it works:1. Add to...

R 300.00

Milex Retro Popcorn Maker

With the best in hot air technology, the Milex Retro Popcorn maker makes fresh, hot, buttery and delicious popcorn.....On a cosy movie night, the children's birthday party or just for a cheerful scrabble match, treat yourself and the family to...

Regular price R 2,199.95 R 1,899.95

Milex Nordic Ice Maker 15kg

The Milex Nordic Ice will be the perfect accessory to any home, there is nothing more refreshing than an ice-cold beverage on a hot summer’s day. The Milex Nordic Ice you choose between small ice and large ice to suit...

Regular price R 4,399.95 R 3,699.95

Milex Air Cooler 7L

Stay cool and refreshed this summer with the Milex Air Cooler 7L Not only does the Air Cooler bring effective cooling it also has a purification system that purifies, humidifies and adds moisture to the clean air blowing out. Features...

Regular price R 2,499.95

Milex Dual Air Fryer

The Milex Dual Airfyer, boasting a double air fryer basket of 8 liters, is composed of 2 x 4L baskets. The 8-in-1 pre-set functions eliminate all the guesswork and ensuring that whatever you’re cooking comes out perfect, delicious, and crispy...

Regular price R 3,499.95

Milex 6L Air Fryer with Air Grill

Using the Milex™Airfryer Grill Combo, you can prepare your favourite meals, cooking fresh or frozen ingredients with a chargrilled finish. A grill that offers the same delicious chargrilled tastes of outdoor cooking can be used indoors. The grill plate's precise temperature...

Regular price R 3,499.95

Milex 360 Steam Mop

Cleans and sanitises with the power of super-heated steam.If you’re still using expensive chemicals to clean your home, then this is for you. The Milex™ 360 Steam Mop quickly cleans your sealed hard floors and thanks to the angular floor...

Regular price R 1,799.95

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