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Milex - Power Pressure XL Pressure Cooker 6L

Cook delicious and healthier meals faster and better!When you want delicious meals cooked fast, you need a kitchen tool that's quick under pressure.This 6 litre Milex Power Pressure XL Pressure Cooker is designed with innovative technology to save you hours in...

Regular price R 1,699.95

Milex 700W Steamor Pro Garment Steamer

The Milex Steamor is a compact 700-watt handheld garment steamer. With this steamer, you are able to remove creases effortlessly from fabrics without having to use an iron. It heats up in seconds and gets the job done five times quicker than conventional ironing. No...

Regular price R 479.95

Milex Power Industrial Floor Fan – 35cm

Say goodbye to those sleepless nights and draining heat waves with a Milex Power Fan to keep you cool, calm, and collected this summer.  For fast cooling, there is nothing like a fan to circulate the fresh cool air and...

Regular price R 999.95 R 799.95

Milex Stick O Cinno

Enjoy our frothy beverage without having to leave the house. The Milex Stick O Cinno's super frothing action, helps you make the perfect froth, for traditional coffee, exciting frothy milk toppings, cappuccino's, Latte's, Irish coffee's, Frappe coffee's, Macchiato's, Mocha's, Fruit...

Regular price R 149.95

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